Who We Are


  • Managing with prudence 

               We are watchful caretakers and administrators of the wealth, interest, and funds of the organization.

  • Alleviation of poverty

              We are all working and fulfilling our responsibilities to the organization in order to help our client-beneficiaries rise up from poverty.

  • Respect 

             We work, speak, and think with courtesy to others.

  • Collaboration and cooperation

             We work, speak, and think with courtesy to others.

  • Empowerment 

             We are nurturers of all traits that value the self, enhance one’s inherent capacities, and promote decisive thinking for the good of others.

  • Learning together

             We study and learn together for the future, and we are always open to change towards improving our services to client-beneficiaries.

  • Opportunity for growth

             We are always on the lookout for, ready to recognize, and able to deliver different opportunities to develop everyone.